Gender Dialectics Theory Study Paper

Male or female Dialectics Theory

Gender identifies the social relationship/roles and responsibilities of men and women, the objectives held regarding the characteristics, latitudes and likely behaviours of both women and men that are discovered, change over time, and vary within and between nationalities. We all have desire to talk, but due to variances in gender, each of our communication variations vary as well. Here we will study and develop ideas about how gender dialects are different. In addition often than not, males are linked to what appears to be a more immediate, linear, continuous, objective, and independent method of speaking. Males value self-reliance, power, and accomplishments while communicating. When ever women speak it is connected with a tendency to speak in a wondering, circular, from the heart, and subjective fashion. Women are likely to value connection and human relationships while communicating. This links to survey vs . connection, men will be externally centered and often look at situations as issues to get resolved, plus they talk to advise others. Females however , happen to be internally centered and often speak as a way to hook up and connect with others.

By expanding this theory we believe it is going to bring focus on the male or female roles were set to fulfill when connecting. It could break down those cultural constructs showing how we are meant to speak/interact. This theory may shed new light on how people connect in a class, social groupings, and professional settings. General we believe males and females communicate in different ways when communicating with the opposite sex than with a similar sex.

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