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Lab 17 Amino Acids and Proteins

Laboratory date 10/22/2013 12-1350

My spouse and i Purpose

The objective of this try things out was to distinct mixtures of II Technique

For a full list of trial and error procedures observe prelab format attachment #1. " To get a complete set of experimental process see Seager, Spencer D. and Slabaugh, Michael R. Safety-Scale Laboratory Experiments pertaining to Chemistry to get Today Basic, Organic and Biochemistry; Thomson Brooks/Cole, Belmont, CA, USA, 2008; pp. 221-225”. III Data

Portion A

Mass of nutmeg sample

1 . 002g

Mass of 50 cubic centimeters beaker

30. 932g

Mass of elementary dry trimyristin plus beaker

30. 035g

Melting level if isolated trimyristin


Part M

Mass of egg yolk sample

2 . 014g

Mass of 50 cubic centimeters beaker

40. 708g

Mass of isolated, dry lipid disorders plus beaker

34. 074g

Color of 1% cholesterol answer (before)


Color of bad cholesterol extract solution (before)


IV Effects

Part A Results

Mass of remote trimyristin

0. 103g

Percentage of trimyristin isolated


Purity of isolated trimyristin


Basis for purity category

It was 6*c under shedding point of pure trimyristin (55-56*c)

The melting stage of real trimyristin is definitely 55*to 56*C. The melting point noted in this research is 49*C, giving the purity in case the isolated trimyristin a classification of " poor”.

Part M Results

Mass of remote cholesterol

3. 366g

Percentage if cholesterol isolated

13. 5%

Colour of 1% bad cholesterol solution (after)

Dark ocean blue

Color of cholesterol extract solution (after)


In the Liebermen-Burchard check for hypercholesteria, both 1% cholesterol option and the remove solution examined positive intended for cholesterol getting present. If you have a presences of lipid disorders the alternatives turn an initial dark color then blue-green color in 1 to 2 mins after adding the acetic anhydride and sulfuric acidity. The pretest colors of 1% lipid disorders and of hypercholesteria extract solution is in the data table part B. This experiment was quantitative...

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