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In a nutshell, segmentation is the process of dividing a diverse market in specific concentrate on group. In marketing, segmentation is crucial in creating a good marketing strategy, mainly because marketers happen to be then in a position to identify customers who have prevalent needs and applications pertaining to the relevant services and goods. For example demographics such as grow older, gender and ethnicity will be one of the many conditions when segmenting a market. Intended for our marketing plan, we now have focus upon building a tortilla company. Little torta, which is a essential component in several Mexican food, is popular not only by Latin American, but has additionally become a quite popular ingredient in many western and Asian food. The concept of tortilla is that it can work like a breads; people can apply virtually any kinds of vegetables and meats, fold that or wrap it (depending on the design or preference) and attack it, it can as simple while eating a hamburger. The tortillas that many of us eat today however taking its classic value. Currently Tortillas are made and created for mass consumption, and as a result fresh organic ingredients happen to be left behind. Being a tortilla qualified we want to end the blunt taste of 21'st century tortilla therefore our company has gone back to basic principles; cooking tortillas the style a Mexican road vendor will do (read product portion for more details concerning tortilla-making). This idea of authentic Mexican tortilla is what our company will be trying to make profit on; we all depend on the concept people are even now concern about quality, not really quantity. In marketing terms we are centering on consumer inclination, which is important for us to spot what industry segment we intend to target. All of us start with computing possibility. Very first step: Measuring Probability

All entrepreneurs know that the dimensions of the market should be big enough to become worth aimed towards. According to statistic Canada as of 2001 " 244, 400 persons of Latin American source lived in Canada. That yr, they symbolized almost 1% of the total population of Canada” (Statistic Canada). In Vancouver exclusively, there are approximately 28, 575 Hispanics, the surprisingly big number looking at, the distance it takes to travel between your two prude. Conclusion: the sample size proves to be substantial pertaining to our Little torta Company to continue. Second Stage: Segment progress

It is very important for every business to analyze the prospect pertaining to growth. Initially we look on the number of little torta producer in BC and identify who they actually are. The leading leading producer so far is a company known as El Comal based in Burnaby. Their tortillas are sent out in most with the major traditional Mexican restaurants such as La Taqueria, Add Guacamole (closed for business), Salsa Agave etc . One other competitor is actually a smaller firm called Donia Elsita based in Surrey. Their products are offered mostly in specialty meals stores around British Columbia, although its main business is targeted upon delivery orders. Other Tortilla producers only provide big is yours chains such as Save-on and Safeway superstore. From an enterprise point of view the segment growth prospect attempts be incredibly bright. Let's assume that there are simply two key competitors in BC, we could still get a market-share of approximately 25%, which is about 7500 of Mexican people. According to statistic Canada, 7500 of the people earn an average profits of $28000 (lower compared to the Canadian common income of $30000) however still a sufficient salary. Our results illustrate that these Mexican persons demand homemade corn tortillas compare to tortillas produce simply by big foreign brands. Nevertheless the resources are generally not easily available with only two major businesses providing the service. To summarize: the Vancouver Hispanic marketplace segment still has a very big room to grow. Third Step: Make narrower marketplaces (Latino Community and Mexicans) " McCarthy and Perreault suggest creating sub-markets around...

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