NT1210 Unit3AssignmentsJE Essay

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NT1210- January 18, 2015

Product 3 Tasks

Chapter several Review Questions

1 . Which will of the subsequent is true with regards to a TCP/IP Network?

A- The network uses only specifications defined in TCP/IP RFC's. 2 . Which usually of the subsequent terms is definitely not a prevalent synonym to get TCP/IP Version? C- Ethernet,

3. Think generically regarding the idea of a networking regular, ignoring virtually any particular common or common group. Which will of the next is typically authentic of a standard? C- It is often passed through some type of review and approval or certification method. 4. Contrast and international standard as compared with a sobre facto normal. B- International Standard documents have been evaluated more thoroughly D- Foreign standards typically mean that the standards group has been authorized by many countries to produce standards that apply to multiple countries. a few. Which in the following will be true regarding the widely used version with the TCP/IP style as demonstrated in this phase? B- The info link layer sits lower in the model than the transportation layer C- The physical layer sits just below the data link coating.

6. The TCP/IP Style refers to criteria other than these the IETF defines in the RFC's. Which will of these standards groups is usually the source of external LAN standards? IKKE- ITU

C- Vendor organizations

7. Which of the subsequent is not really typically grounds for a group of ten companies to start a vendor group, for the purpose of pressing a new marketing technology? D- To keep mental property rights to the technology inside the firm. 8. The TCP/IP and OSI Designs have some apparent differences, just like the number of layers. Think about the most frequently used version from the TCP/IP model discussed in this chapter, then think about how to talk about TCP/IP using OSI terms. Which of the following is a properly phrased statement for how to use the OSI terminology? B- IP is known as a network coating protocol

on the lookout for. Historically, which in turn of the next models had been the earliest types used in company networks? A- Vendor Types

10. Which usually of the pursuing statements holds true when comparing the OSI and TCP/IP model as identified in RFC 1122? B- The lower several layers of TCP/IP define the same kinds of functions while the coordinating layer amounts of the OSI model. eleven. A network engineer attaches two PC's (PC1 and PC2) applying Ethernet NICs and a network cable that has copper wiring inside. The 2 PC's communicate successfully. Which will of the next happens when PC1 sends pieces to PC2? C- The PC's employ two wires to create a circuit to send info from PC1 to PC2. 12. A TCP/IP network includes a network LAN with 10 PC's using a LAN switch. PC1 sends data intended for an app running on PC2. Which in the following components does Ethernet define in order that PC2 gets and procedures the data? A- The Ethernet header lists PC2's MAC address to ensure that PC2 is going to realize that the data is meant for PC2. 13. Two network pros are experiencing a chat about a few issues in a network. They discuss a few issues linked to how PPP forwards info, so they happen to be talking about the data composition that includes the PPP header and trailer. Which in the following conditions do they use? C- Body

14. Which will of the subsequent are authentic facts about IP addresses? B- Can be written in DDN format

D- Used by routers to make a forwarding decision

12-15. Which with the following answers is true regarding Ethernet MAC addresses? A- 48 portions in length

16. Which from the following statements is true evaluating LANs and WANs? IKKE- LANs generally connect equipment that are closer to each other, in comparison to WANs C- LANs are ordered, WANs will be leased

17. Which from the following answers lists accurate facts about the information link part of TCP/IP? A- That focuses generally on the endpoint devices, rather than on the network that rests between the endpoints C- Data link protocols define addresses that determine devices connect to the underlying physical website link. 18. Which will of the subsequent answers lists true details of the network layer of TCP/IP? A-...

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