The Health Problems of Cigarette Smoking Essay

Informing About the Health Dangers Involved with Smoking My visual aid is known as a comparison style example of how human chest of a person who smokes seems like and what a human lung of a person who does not smoking looks like.

Describe ATTENTION-GETTING TERME CONSEILLE Lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease, asthma attacks, cataracts, bronchitis, and death, these are each of the common results due to cigarette smoking.

PREVIEW Today I will be telling you of the damage that is certainly caused towards the human body as a result of cigarette smoking, how come smoking can be addictive, and the laws regarding cigarette smoking.

Health threats of cigarette smoking Why smoking is habit forming Laws about cigarette smoking CHANGEOVER: Many people know that smoking cigarettes causes chest cancer, emphysema, and can sooner or later lead to loss of life, but just how many of you know that 440, 000 people expire in the United States every year from cigarettes use.

HUMAN BODY Health risks of cigarette smoking A. Lung tumor B. Emphysema C. Cardiovascular disease D. Death TRANSITION: These are just a some of the health risks which might be caused by smoking. Now, I will move on and explain to you for what reason smoking is really addictive.

How come smoking is definitely addictive E. Nicotine CHANGEOVER: Now, that you understand several of the harms of smoking and why smoking cigarettes is so addicting, I will today discuss what is going on with the cigarette smoking laws in the us.

Laws regarding cigarette smoking N. No-smoking regulations are getting put into action by the federal, state, and local laws.

G. Exactly where smoking has already been banned L. Where no-smoking laws might get passed TRANSITION: Since I have explained to you a brief summary of cigarette smoking and the wellness damages that causes, I am hoping that you are all a little more knowledgeable of what can carry out to a person? s well being.

SUMMARY You should all now understand some of the important facts about cigarette smoking The Health risks of cigarette smoking How come smoking is addictive Laws about cigarette smoking MEMORABLE FINISHING...

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